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School SEK – Costa Rica

The College provides its students with accident insurance. All SEK School students are protected by an accident insurance policy that covers them 24 hours a day anywhere.

Schooling guarantee:

Our children come first and that is why the Institution has developed systems that guarantee their future, stability and school continuity as much as possible in the face of an unexpected circumstance. Therefore, in the event of the death of the student’s father or mother, the student may continue and finish their studies at the College where they were enrolled. The characteristics of the complementary service that the School offers to all its students are summarized below:

Holder: It will be the father or mother of the student who registers as Holder of the Scholarship Guarantee in the annual application for enrollment or enrollment. The maximum age allowed is 60 years.

Beneficiaries: They are the students enrolled in the school, dependent on the Holder, on the date of his death.

Coverage: The guarantee is a complementary service offered by the center within the cost of the tuition itself (regulated education) and exclusively covers the value of tuition, tuition and food for the student during the school year.

The benefits start from the month following the declaration of death of the Holder, until the end of the normal school process of the student (without repeating any course) at the school in which he is enrolled. Under no circumstances is school continuity guaranteed in an educational center that is not part of the SEK International Institution. The Schooling Guarantee is not subject to economic evaluation of any kind in the event that due to force majeure the service is temporarily suspended or ceased to be provided. The Scholarship Guarantee will be granted after an analysis of the circumstances and requirements that occur in each case, for which the school may request the information it deems appropriate.

Exclusions: The aforementioned benefits may not be granted in the following cases:

In cases of serious or terminal illnesses of the Holder existing at the time of first registering as Holder. The College reserves the right to discretely assess the serious or terminal nature of a pre-existing illness.

In those cases in which there is some type of financial irregularity with the center at the time of the Holder’s death.

When the teaching contract that joins the Holder with the school is not in force, or when the school year has ended, the Holder has not renewed a place for the next year.
In the cases in which the Holder cannot demonstrate a right of primogeniture or legal representation in favor of the enrolled student.

The school reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the benefits, coverage and exclusions offered by this service, conveniently communicating it to the Holders of the Scholarship Guarantee.

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