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New Technologies

School SEK – Costa Rica

The importance of New Technologies is unquestionable in our days. For this reason, immersion in the digital world is one of the priorities for the School, which not only contributes to this by teaching computer science, but also by integrating it as a transversal tool that serves to learn the rest of the subjects.

Since our opening, the center has always used the most innovative and avant-garde tools that it has had at its disposal. Thus, today, SEK Costa Rica can be pleased to be the reference center in the use of new educational technologies in our country. In this way, our students know, from their first days with us, all the new tools that the technological horizon offers them. As a sign of this technological advance, the SEK has modern facilities in which any visitor can observe the technological applications put at the service of education, as well as the safety and comfort of our students.

In addition, our digital structure has elements such as:

Permanent connection to the Internet 24 hours a day, through a high capacity ADSL line.
An Intranet that connects both computers and mobile devices of the School with each other.
A laboratory, equipped with iMac computers and digital projector.
All of our classrooms, in all grades, have state-of-the-art digital and interactive whiteboards and projectors.
3 portable carts with a total of 90 iPads distributed in Infant and Primary Education.

Abundant technological and computer equipment.

Wireless network (Wifi) that allows us the massive use of laptops both in classrooms and outside of them.
Check grades: Students or their parents can check their academic record through the website. This site has all kinds of information related to the school.

Moodle Platform: Where students and teachers can exchange documents and work for all subjects. Moodle allows you to present a wide range of information resources (in textual or tabular format, photographs or diagrams, audio or video, web pages or Acrobat documents, among many others) as well as activities for students, such as assignments sent by the web, exams , surveys, forums, etc.

Content filter: Access to computer resources is controlled by means of personalized users and passwords for each student, as well as access to the Internet that is done through a content filter to guarantee that only educational resources are accessed.
Software: There is also access to extensive software for various subjects, always advised by teachers or specialized personnel in the field.

Email: Those students and teachers who request it can have an email account that is the main axis of communication between students and their teachers.

There are also chat and videoconferencing services that allow the establishment of discussion and learning forums on various cultural and educational topics through our G Suite educational platform.

iPad 1: 1 Project

From 6th grade to 10th grade, our students do all their schoolwork on their own iPad. All this through digital and interactive books, web platforms and a whole series of innovative applications that the center provides to each of the students for the daily development of their tasks. A clear commitment to innovation within school life.

At the same time, the other courses will continue to enjoy a large number of iPad devices belonging to the School to carry out different activities in the classroom. With this, we continue to bet on early training in the use of access to knowledge technologies.

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